Dr Jane RempelJane Rempel

Lecturer in Classical Archaeology

Undergraduate Admissions Officer

Programme Director of the MA Classical and Ancient World

PhD (University of Michigan 2004), MA (University of Michigan 2000), MSt (Oxford 1996), BA (Wilfrid Laurier University 1995)

Email address: j.rempel@sheffield.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)114 2222938

Department address

Northgate House
West Street
Sheffield S1 4ET


I have been trained as a Classical Archaeologist, with degrees from Canadian, British and American institutions, and have at Sheffield since completing my PhD in 2004.

My research interests focus on Greek archaeology, specifically issues surrounding colonisation and social interaction at the margins of the ancient Greek world. Other areas of interest include the Hellenistic east and the question of `hellenisation,´ landscape archaeology and funerary commemoration. I have done fieldwork in Italy, Greece, Ukraine and Russia and Armenia.

Research interests

  • Territorial expansion and rural landscape in the Bosporan kingdom
  • Monumental burial traditions in the Aegean and Black Sea in the fourth century BC
  • Mounded burial and mortuary landscapes in the ancient world
  • Funerary commemoration and social connections in the northern Black Sea region

Current research projects / collaborations

  • Demeter in the north Black Sea region: investigating evidence for Demeter worship in burial practices
  • Mounded burials and social landscapes in the Bosporan kingdom

Research supervision

I am interested in supervising research students on the following topics:

  • Greek colonisation
  • Greek ethnicity and identity
  • The Hellenistic East
  • Funerary commemoration in the Greek world
  • The Black Sea in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

Current students:

  • Robert Woodward - Investigating the relationship between Greek temple architecture and polis identity in the archaic and classical periods
  • Heather Graybehl - Materialising Identities at the Pan-Helenic Sanctuary of Nemea
  • Rebekah Maarschalk - Continuity and Change: Identity in LM IIIC to Hellenistic East Crete
  • Rik Vaessen - The tradition of the Ionian migration reconsidered from an interdisciplinary point of view



  • BA Classical and Historical Archaeology
  • European Classical Civilisations
  • World Civilisations
  • Archaeology of the Graeco-Roman World
  • Athens: Empire and the Classical Greek World


  • MA Classical and Ancient World
  • Greeks, Romans and ‘others’
  • Archaeological Practice (a placement module)
  • Research Design
  • Literacy and Text
  • Method and theory in classical and ancient studies.

Selected publications

2011 ‘Burial in the Bosporan kingdom: local traditions in regional context(s),’ in M. Carroll and J. Rempel (eds) Living Through The Dead: Burial and commemoration in the Classical world, 21-46. Oxbow.

M. Carroll and J. Rempel (eds). 2011. Living through the Dead: Burial and commemoration in the Classical world. Oxbow.

In press. ‘Eleusinian adornment? Demeter and the Bolshaia Bliznitsa burials’ in M. Carroll and J.P. Wilde (eds) Dressing the Dead: Clothing, textiles and bodily adornment from funerary contexts in the Graeco-Roman world. Amberly Publishing.

In process. ‘Demeter and the Black Sea: ‘Priestly’ burials and mystery cult connections’

In process. ‘Of kings and archons: Mounded burial traditions in the Bosporan kingdom’

Full publications list

Other professional activities

I am founder and co-organiser of the Medieval and Ancient Research Seminars at the University of Sheffield. MARS is a seminar series that brings together the wealth of research conducted on the ancient and medieval worlds within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

I have also been involved in the recent revival of the Sheffield branch of the Classical Association.