Dr Nicola Nadeau

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A09b, Arthur Willis Environment Centre
Tel: +44 (0)114 222 4717

Email: n.nadeau@sheffield.ac.uk

Lab website: nadeau-lab.group.shef.ac.uk


BSc Zoology, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2002)
PhD, University of Cambridge, Department of Zoology (2006)
Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Cambridge, Department of Zoology (2006-2013)
PIP Fellow, University of Sheffield, APS (2012-2013)
NERC Independent Research Fellow, University of Sheffield, APS (2014-present)

Key Research Interests

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  • The evolution and genetics of colour pattern variation
  • The genetic and developmental control of structural colours in animals
  • The process of divergence and speciation within the genome
  • The genetic analysis of natural hybrid zones to identify loci under selection

I am interested in the genetic underpinnings of adaptive evolution, speciation and sexual selection in natural populations. The major focus of my current research is the evolution and genetics of convergent iridescent structural colour in Heliconius butterflies.


I give one guest lecture as part of APS220 on co-evolution, drawing heavily from examples for the many between species-interactions involving the tropical butterflies I study.

I am a Level 1 tutor on APS135 and also supervise Level 4 projects. I am happy to discuss possible projects, which can range from behaviour to genomics.

I also often have undergraduate students helping out in the lab during term time or undertaking placement projects over the summer. Interested students should contact me.