Professor Roger Butlin

Prof Roger Butlin

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1973-1976 Jesus College, Cambridge BA Natural Sciences (Genetics)
1979-1982 Ph.D. Department of Genetics, University of Nottingham
1982-1986 Senior Research Associate, School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia.
1987-1992 Royal Society 1983 University Research Fellow, School of Pure and Applied Biology, University of Wales College of Cardiff
1992-1994 Lecturer, Department of Genetics, The University of Leeds
1994-1999 Reader in Evolutionary Biology, School of Biology, The University of Leeds
1999-2004 Professor of Evolutionary Biology, School of Biology, The University of Leeds

Key Research Interests

My research is concerned primarily with the origin of barriers to gene exchange, especially the evolutionary genetics of reproductive isolation. I have used insect acoustic and chemical signals as model systems to investigate the controversial process of reinforcement, particularly in parapatry, and questions such as the inheritance of signal characters and the form of female preferences. I am currently working with hybrid zones in grasshoppers of the genus Chorthippus, and collaborating in projects on speciation in winkles (Littorina), and signal and response evolution in the Drosophila virilis group. Another area of research concerns the evolution of asexual reproduction using ostracods as models. I am interested in evolution at range margins and its implications for conservation genetics. Current projects use Arabidopsis lyrata and other models. I collaborate in studies of population structure and sexual segregation in bats, behaviour of zebrafish, ecology and evolution of mosquitoes and beetle phylogeography.


My teaching is concentrated around my research specialization in evolutionary biology. At Level 2, I teach the APS220 Evolution module along with Rhonda Snook (who is the Module Coordinator). My part of the course focuses on the genetic basis of evolutionary change and the forces that drive change. The course underwent a major update in the 2010-11 session. At Level 3, I coordinate a course, APS344 Topics in Evolutionary Genetics, which is based around student-led discussion sessions rather than conventional lectures. I run one of three topics, on the genetics of speciation, using recent, high-profile papers to bring students right up to date with current controversies.

I also coordinate the APS336 Peak District Field Course. This is a non-residential course based mainly on the Longshaw Estate and focusing on developing understanding of scientific method through student-led projects.

Recent Level 4 MBiolSci students in my group have worked on speciation-related questions in the rocky-shore gastropod, Littorina, or grasshoppers (either Chorthippus in Europe or Vandiemenella in Australia). They have used morphometric and behavioural approaches as well as molecular genetic techniques.

Professional Activities

Visiting Professor of Evolutionary Biology, The University of Leeds

Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Entomology,
The Natural History Museum (2002-05)

Honorary Scientific Fellow, Zoological Society of London (2003-06)

Honarary Scientific Fellow, Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences

Associate Editor for Molecular Ecology and Editorial Board member for Insect Molecular Biology

NERC Peer Review College member (2004-07)

Current Research Group

Dr Raj Whitlock
UK PopNet component project: Genetic variation in the landscape (with Terry Burke)

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Dr Nathan Haigh
Plant responses to abiotic stress at range margins: mechanisms and limits to adaptation (with Bill Kunin, Leeds, Terry Burke, Jon Slate, Paul Quick and Ian Woodward)

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Dr Dunja Lamatsch, Dr Ruzica Bruvo and Ms Dorota Paczesniak
From sex to asex: a case study on interactions between sexual and asexual reproduction (coordinated by Koen Martens, Brussels),,

Dr Carole Smadja (Marie Curie Fellow)
Molecular geneitcs of host specilaisation in pea aphids

email :

Dr Juan Galindo
Molecular approaches to adaptation in Littorina (part of MAERO project led by Jon Slate)

email :

David Wengraf
A genomic appraoch to speciation in Drosphila

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Graduate Students

Amy Llewellyn
Genetics of sterility in a grasshopper hybrid zone

email :

Lu Jing
Odorant and gustatory receptor genes and speciation in Drosphila

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Saskia Bode
Phylogeography of sexual and asexual lineages in Eucypris virens

email :

Katie Frith
Y chromosome markers and male dispersal in Daubenton's bat (with John Altringham, Leeds)

email :

Jamie Hutchison
Marker-based analysis of male sterility in Chorthippus

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Based in Leeds: Camille Jan and Ruth Angel (with John Altringham), and Catherine Sinfield (with John Grahame)

Recent Publications (2001 to date)

Whitlock, R., Hipperson, H., Mannarelli, M., Butlin, R. K. & Burke, T. A. An objective, rapid and reproducible method for genotyping AFLP fingerprints that minimises genotyping error. Molecular Ecology Notes. In press.

Kawakami, T., Butlin, R. K., Adams, M., Saint, K. M., Paull, D. J., and Cooper, S. J.B. Differential gene flow of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers among chromosomal races of Australian morabine grasshoppers (Vandiemenella, viatica species group). Molecular Ecology. In press.

Drosophila 12 Genomes Consortium. 2007. Evolution of genes and genomes on the Drosophila phylogeny. Nature 450: 203-218.

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Pope LC, Butlin RK, Wilson GJ, Woodroffe R, Erven K, Conyers CM, Franklin T, Delahay RJ, Cheeseman CL, Burke TA. Genetic evidence that culling increases badger movement: implications for the spread of bovine TB. Molecular Ecology 16:4919-4929.

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