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The Alumni Foundation

The Alumni Foundation is a grant-making committee established in 1989 to distribute the philanthropic donations of alumni and friends to the most deserving recipients.

Got a good idea? Need help with funding?

Hip Hop SocietyThe Alumni Foundation exists to channel the donations of Sheffield alumni (former students), staff, and friends of the University, into projects involving current students and staff.

Since its launch in 1989, a variety of projects throughout the University have benefited from the generosity of our supporters.

The Alumni Foundation can only distribute as much money as it receives in donations. It is completely reliant upon the generosity of donors. We are very grateful for their support.

To support the work of the Alumni Foundation, please make a donation to the Alumni Fund.

The Alumni Foundation grant-making committee meets three times a year to direct gifts and donations to areas of need. It invites applications for grants from any department or individual member of the University (students or staff). Unfortunately, the Foundation does not have the funds to assist students once they have graduated from the University.

Deadlines for applications for the Alumni Foundation meetings of 2014 are :

How to apply to the Alumni Foundation

The Foundation has a policy of making a large number of small grants (usually around £100 to £2,000) to projects that add life to the University. These might be to assist sporting, musical, dramatic and cultural projects. To spread resources as widely as possible, the Foundation often requires applicants to raise part of the funds needed for their project from alternative sources.

Past projects funded through the Alumni Foundation include: