Our homepage design

Homepage on different devicesWith over 15 million page views per year, our homepage is a key way of communicating and engaging with our wide range of audiences, from prospective students to business partners. It needs to direct people quickly to the information they're interested in and also give visitors a real flavour of what we're about.

Our homepage design features greater use of imagery and video than before, and provides extra space to promote research, teaching, topical news stories, and more. This will enhance our reputation as a world-leading, global university and provide a more engaging and interesting experience for our users.

The navigation links have been organised into a concise left-hand menu based on key audiences and tasks. Important calls to action are in the main area of the page and secondary navigation.

Over one million visits to our homepage last year were on mobile devices – and the numbers keep growing. So the new homepage is also built to be responsive, adapting effortlessly to the device you're using.

Please do try it on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone to see how it looks and works. If you have any feedback then you can get in touch with us using webmarketing@sheffield.ac.uk.

Suggest a story

If you're connected to the University and would like to suggest a feature then you can make a homepage suggestion.